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I tried the Desmos iPhone app and it said it didn't solve algebraic equations yet. It's , let's get with the times already! You should give very serious consideration to SAGE. There's a free online version which is superb. You can use it on your iPhone, tablet, or computer.

1.3 System requirements

I recommend SAGE as the default calculator for my classes. It's perfect for getting experience with Python, checking your work, or having it do work for you. It can integrate with GAP, Haskell, and so much more. Sign up to join this community.

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Ti 89 titanium software mac

Computer-based alternatives to TI89 calculator? Ask Question. Asked 2 years, 3 months ago. Active 2 years, 3 months ago. Viewed times. JonMark Perry MrSnrub MrSnrub 6 1 1 bronze badge. There is also a software package you can download and install. Instead, it's a sort of path dependency as explained in the Tech. Mic story:.

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The primary driver of Texas Instruments' incumbency : TI-series calculators have been so prominent for so long, they've worked their way into the bloodstream of mathematics instruction in the U. Pearson textbooks feature illustrations of TI-series calculators alongside chapters so students can use their TI calculator in conjunction with the lesson plan. The calculators also have a significant learning curve, and moving students over to new technology is a risky proposition when success in the classroom is so tied to the technology being used. TI calculators have been a constant, essential staple in the slow-moving public education sector.

Students and teachers are so used to generations of students learning the familiar button combos and menu options that TI provides a computer program that perfectly resembles the button layout of the TI However, even if teachers wanted to be bold and bring in better technology, they would end up right back at square one because of that infamous force in American education: standardized testing.

But there's absolutely nothing in the operations of the calculator—the things that it does—that makes it unique. Math works anywhere in the universe, and certainly regardless of what device it's working on. That's part of what makes it math. But the textbooks, students, teachers, and standardized tests aren't just teaching the same math, or even the same way of conceptualizing the mathematical concepts; they're teaching specifically to a particular layout of keys and menus—the user interface of the calculator.

How to Put Text Files On Your TI Calculator - Jacob Binstein

That's why something like the free Desmos graphic calculator app, which Jack Smith mentions in his article, doesn't completely replace the TI its interface is different, and requires some relearning. Consider the difficulty you may have faced in switching from Windows to Mac, or from an iPhone to an Android-based phone.

But there's zero reason that the TI layout and interface can't be replicated entirely on a smartphone, possibly saving students cumulative millions of dollars; or, for those lacking smartphones of their own, cheaper hardware that emulates the same thing. The interface is free for copying and adaptation. There's absolutely nothing in the operations of the calculator—the things that it does—that makes it unique.

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By the same token, the layout of a graphing calculator shouldn't be copyrighted, either. Sure, someone gave some thought into where they might want to put the arithmetic function buttons in relation to the trigonometric, exponent, and square root buttons, but that type of arrangement, thoughtful as it might be, isn't the sort of thing that gets a copyright.

The same thing is true even of the arrangement of the menus within the calculator itself. The landmark case on whether the arrangement of menus in software can be copyrighted is Lotus v. Borland , a federal appeals case from This case held that copying the structure of the menu commands from an existing spreadsheet program wasn't copyright infringement.

TI Connectivity Kit

When it wrote its own spreadsheet program, Borland wanted its customers to be able to switch over from Lotus easily. To do this, Borland made sure that its menus were structured in the same way and had the same commands in them—even though the underlying programming in the spreadsheets was written anew. This way, users could find the commands quickly if they had already learned the Lotus interface, and, even more importantly, if they had written sets of instructions either for humans or for computers to follow that worked on Lotus's spreadsheet, those instructions would work exactly the same way in the Borland spreadsheet.

This is just like the layout of the calculators.

In fact, at one point in the opinion, the court explains the non-copyrightable nature of the menu commands by comparing them to another sort of device interface: the controls on a VCR:. In many ways, the Lotus menu command hierarchy is like the buttons used to control, say, a videocassette recorder "VCR".