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Now, I can't find anything to back this up nowadays. Did I just totally make this up? Kiln House is great. I voted for Rumours. Tusk is almighty. It's my favorite, therefore it's the best. Though I've already voted, this thread is going to be a sad thread if Rattlesnake Shake doesn't also get a shout-out. Rumours vs. Tusk is an interesting argument. Concise, tuneful perfection vs.

Obviously, Tusk is more of a statement record. Wouldn't be surprised if Nicks came up with melody on the Chain. Sounds like something she'd do. End of that song from the bass riff on is amazing. For me, that's up there with Allman's Fillmore recordings and Live Dead.

The Best of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

You are also right that their cover of "For Your Love" is probably the low point of that record. I will have to give Rattlesnake Shake a try. Nicks wrote most of the song. I voted for Rumours too. I will Mark but you have to throw in poor Danny Kirwan's "Dragonfly" while you are at it ok? Yeah, Dragonfly's great. I was just busy trying to work out if that was on a record or not Sadly, I'm afraid it won't win, although it's their best.

I voted for "Rumours" - terrific record. I like "Mirage" a lot too. Okay, look. Let's call a truce. Please let the self titled Fleetwood Mac from beat Rumours. I can even find it in my record collection in a heartbeat even though it isn't in proper alphabetical order. Not bad. Oh I like that one too. Arguments to be made for several, and I love Tusk to death, but Rumors was lightning-in-a-platter. Thanks for bumping this. Felt the need to point out that the 24 minute live version of Rattlesnake Shake is often godlike.

Thank you, and back to Rumours vs. Self-titled '75 for me. In the words of David Crosby, "We tune because we care".

Songs and sound. Guitars and stuff.

I love the Peter Green era, but I gotta go with Rumours. I would pick Tusk - if it weren't for all the painfully boring non-Buckingham tracks. Skipping 30 messages at this point Click here if you want to load them all. Tusk is one of the most fascinating records to listen to, precisely because it goes all over the place, and it represents the imposition of Lindsay Buckingham's will. This thread illustrates an interesting point: In criticism, what does calling something the "best" really mean?

The Best Of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac | Discogs

The most perfect production? The most challenging? The weirdest or most beautiful? The one that triggers the most personal response?

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I mean, I can make the following argument -- Rumours is the best, but Tusk is the best -- and not really sound too stupid. Ain't rock great? The name of the book was Unknown Pleasures, so my phrasing was a shorthand for that. It was an excuse for music journalists on Melody Maker to write a short essay on a record they loved but which was either little-known or underrated.

Obviously Tusk would have fallen into the latter category in Simon's opinion! Ha ha ha, the liner notes in my Tusk CD Reissue this quote from the Rolling stone review: the one Seventies group that can claim a musical chemistry as mysteriously right That's revisionism!

This thread gives me a good excuse to link to Stephen Holden's fine review of the record for Rolling Stone -- a personal favorite of mine. But maybe that's my selective memory. Was "home taping" as much a factor in its "disappointing" sales as Mick Fleetwood alleges? Apparently, some radio station early on played the entire thing--and tons of people taped it! Or so the story goes I think. Sign the petition.

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Kirwan struggled after Peter Green's exit and left the band in Alamy. You can form your own view. Subscribe now.

Fleetwood Mac - Dragonfly

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