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If you previously inserted the Bibliography Number in the Bibliography templates, delete them. Step 4. Note the hashtag appears in each reference following the bibliography number.

Indent Text Within Spreadsheet Cells in Excel

Step 5. Click Ok which applies the hanging indent which is shown in Image 2. Step 6. Using blank spaces instead of a tab ensures the hanging indent is maintained. See Image 3 for the final result.

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Now just copy and paste the bibliography into the original document. Just remember, that once you perform the process described, converting to plain text, you cannot use that version for any further modifications that will affect the citations. Endnot cannot read that document any longer. I like my solution better, albeit temporary That is, you will need to do it again if you edit that paper in any way and Endnote runs thru to see if it needs to update any citations.

Leanne, thankyou for this assistance. I have tried your suggestion and it works equally as well. So I will pass this on to my client, as it is a simpler option. I must admit that I still do not really understand the relationship between the tab after the bibliography number and the settings for the hanging indent. I thought that the "hanging indent" referred to what was going to happen not on the first line of a reference, but on subsequent lines if the text flowed over to a 2nd or 3rd line.

I also find the terminology of "paragraphs" in the options for the hanging indent quite confusing. Do you know what "paragraph" refers to? I could find no explanation of these choices in the Help at all.

how to indent a single line not the whole document

A paragraph is anything that ends in a carriage return as opposed to a line break or wrapped text. So each reference is a paragraph. If you view hidden "characters" by clicking on the backwards P in the word menu - which is also the "paragraph" end of line symbol - you can see these in the word document, as well as the spaces which are little dots.

If it is a line break, it is a little "enter" type symbol like what appears on the enter key on a keyboard. This tutorial will show you three methods to remove all indents in Word. With the Remove all Indents feature of Kutools for Word , you can easily to remove all kinds of indents from the whole Word document or a certain selection with only one click, including the first line indents generated by spaces or tab characters which can not be removed by layout in Word. Click for day free trial! Get It Now!

Create a hanging indent

Free Download. Actually, you can quickly remove all indents from selection or the whole document with setting the page layout in Word.

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Note : This method cannot remove the first line indents made by spaces or tab characters. VBA and a handy tool can remove them. Select the paragraphs you will remove indents from. Go to the Paragraph group on the Layout or Page Layout tab, and then: 1 In the Left box, please type 0 and press the Enter key; 2 In the Right box, please type 0 and press the Enter key. - How To First Line Indent Word For Mac

Now all indents except the first line indents made by spaces or tab characters are removed at once. Read more Free download. Normally we can remove all left indents in Word by using the Paragraph feature. And here is the detailed description for you to quickly remove all left indents.

Select the paragraphs you want to remove indents, right click, and choose Paragraph from the context menu. See screenshot:. In the Paragraph dialog box, please type 0 into both Left and Right boxes, select none from the Special drop down list, and click the OK button. If you are good at Macro, the VBA code is also available for you to remove all indents from selection or the whole Word document easily.

Select the paragraphs or the whole document you will remove all indents from. To remove all indents, the Format function cannot remove the first line indents which are using the space or tab characters to indent, while the VBA is too complicated. Now recommend you the most convenient method - using Kutools for Word. With Kutools for Word.

Q. How do I indent my references in Microsoft Word?

Only one click allows you to remove all indents. Tip: Other languages are Google-Translated. You can visit the English version of this link. Log in. But if, for example, you insert a Heading into your document, you might notice that you lose your hanging indent. Consider the Heading 1 we've seen already; in addition to making the text larger, it's also a different font, a different color, has more space above and below, and may have a number attached.

All these settings are defined as part of the style. With this in mind, the reason for the lost formatting described above is easy to explain. Put simply, the text style for normal paragraphs doesn't contain your changes. This can happen for a few reasons:. One way to restore that hanging indent is to use the Format Painter tool on your new, non-hanging paragraph, but you'd need to do this after every Heading. Applying a hanging indent to your Normal paragraph style is a better way to accomplish this goal. The most straightforward way to get a hanging indent by default is to configure a text style with it.

At the bottom-left of the Modify menu, there's a list called Format. Select this, and you'll see the Paragraph option.

Selecting this will present you with another set of options that look suspiciously like the one we already saw. The difference here is when you create your hanging indent, you're setting it for all text using the selected style.

Microsoft Word - First Line Indent

Now all your post-Heading 1 paragraphs will pick up that sweet hanging indent. If you've already done all that work on some paragraphs, there's a clever trick to save you some time. Place the cursor somewhere that's formatted the way you want, then right-click on the Default text style. This will ensure not only your subsequent paragraphs pick up this change, but all the earlier ones as well.