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Christian Zibreg on July 22, I myself often get asked about extracting high-quality Mac icons for use in blog posts, on websites and elsewhere. On the downside, doing so removes icon transparency and fails to produce a pixel-perfect replica of the original icon. In addition to the full-size 1,by-1, icon, developers must provide several smaller sizes that the operating system uses to enlarge and shrink the icon properly in various Finder views, minimizing artifacts.

In addition, each may be provided in 72 and pixels-per-inch flavors for use on non-Retina and Retina screens. Locate a desired app — in this case Mission Control — and click once to highlight it. I know some people who would try out or even buy applications just because of the beautiful icon.

All platforms

Mac is famous for its good looking icons. Apple has set its icon standard so high that third party developers have to match or surpass the quality if they want to survive in the demanding community of Mac users.

Even though Mac users can feast their eyes with tons of beautifully crafted Mac icons, some general items always use the same old icons. There are at least two ways to do that quickly and easily in Mac, manually and automatically. Mac icons are in.

How to extract and save high resolution icons from Mac apps

While a great number of sites with free downloadable Mac icons are only a search engine away, a free web service to create your own Mac icons is a rare breed. The only one that I could find is iConvert.

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This service will help you to convert images into Mac icons. The service is also able to convert images to icons, and icons to icons for other platform like Windows and Linux. So we can use this service to convert and use Linux and Windows icons in Mac should you ever need and want to do that : , or convert Mac icons to be used in those other platform. As simple as that.

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  • After the converting process is done, the icons are available in Mac, Windows and Linux formats, ready to be downloaded. Replacing icons in Mac is very easy.

    Guide to Converting Images into Windows or Mac Icons

    Then drag and drop the new icon to replace the icon image at the top left corner of the Info window. And as if the above method is not simple enough, the second option of changing an icon is even easier. All the above steps can be done offline in a more simple manner using the help of a small application called img2icns. The app is available in the paid version and the free version — with some features disabled.

    How to convert jpg and png image to ico(icon) image.

    But the free version is more than enough for daily uses. Just drag and drop the image that you want to change into icon to img2icns and it will be automatically converted.