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Currently unavailable. It could almost be the original branded product, and works just as well. See All Buying Options. In stock. These are great, affordable replacement chargers for MacBook Pro. Does the job perfectly. If you use the cable for data transfer, like plugging an external hard drive into your computer, it only supports USB 2. We have a pick if you need a faster data cable.

Of the companies we tested products from, Nekteck is the only one that included a cable with its chargers. The Nekteck 60W Type-C Wall Charger has gone out of stock a couple times while we were testing, but it always reappears. You should get one of these if you want to charge your inch MacBook Pro at the fastest speed.

Choose whichever brand is cheaper, or if you need to purchase something from a brick-and-mortar retail store, many Best Buy stores have the Insignia in stock. These watt chargers have permanently attached USB-C cables, which is their biggest downside. It allowed a proper watt draw when charging a inch MacBook Pro in our tests. That speed does drop to 45 watts, however, when you plug a device into the watt USB-A port. And 45 watts is still fast enough for full-speed charging on many computers, plus it can still charge power hungrier laptops like the inch MacBook Pro, just more slowly.

At a little over 2. RAVPower offers the charger in both black and white. RAVPower offers a standard month warranty on its products, and registering your charger extends the policy for another year.

Laptop & MacBook Chargers

The remaining 24 watts supply power to the four USB-A ports, supporting a combined 12 watts per pair. Despite the charger listing each port as capable of watt charging when used individually, the highest we measured was about 10 watts—enough to charge your phone pretty fast but not the absolute fastest rate. Combined, however, each pair supported more than the promised rate. But those dimensions and the slightly slow USB-A charging are a lot more acceptable at a desk, where the charger is likely to stay in one place and you might not need to gobble up power in a short period of time.

Turn your MacBook Pro Charger into a Dock!

If you find size to be the most important factor, you should absolutely buy this charger. We like seeing two USB-C ports on one unit, but the limitations are still too great for this to be the right option for most people. Consider it if you need to power two MacBook Pros at the same time.

Also great. Upgrade pick.

Best Apple Laptop Chargers Price List in Philippines November

Everything we recommend Our pick. In , Apple posted an official response acknowledging problems with MagSafe adapters, which include incomplete circuit connection and adapter's white insulation separating from the magnetic end of the MagSafe connector. Apple released a firmware update in October that it claims resolves this issue. This, in turn, means that it is not possible to use the new MagSafe power adapter with these MacBooks.

However, as of , Apple still sells the older MagSafe power adapter. The iBook series introduced a charger that resembled a mini- stereo plug with an additional metal ring. The first puck-shaped iBook chargers simply had a silver plug body, but the square white chargers introduced a color-changing illuminated ring that indicated charging status. Tripping on an iBook cord or yanking the cord out at an angle could bend the spring contacts inside the connector or break the solder pads under the connector, resulting in a laptop that would fail to charge when connected to the cord, or would only charge if the inserted plug were propped up or pushed down at an angle.

An especially forceful yank could flare the outer flange or even break the tip of the power plug. MagSafe with both frayed wires and melted casing, as alleged in the class action lawsuit. Example of a damaged pre-MagSafe plug due to being pulled forcefully out of the socket sideways. This strain is severe enough to damage the power socket as well.

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