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Black Magic Woman
  1. Black Magic Woman Lyrics
  2. Black Magic Woman Lyrics
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Black Magic Woman Lyrics

Although Welch was not a member of the group at the time of the original recording, he had performed a number of Peter Green's songs during his time with them. Although not as popular as Santana's arrangement two years later, "Black Magic Woman" nevertheless became a fairly popular blues rock hit peaking at No.

It was featured in Fleetwood Mac live set-lists even after Green had left the band when it was often sung by Danny Kirwan , and during concerts in the early s it would form the basis for long mid-concert jams. In , the song returned to Fleetwood Mac's live set list featuring Stevie Nicks on lead vocals and Mike Campbell handling lead guitar duties. It's played with an extended jam with the song spanning 7 minutes with frequent groove and tempo changes, while witness the growing chemistry between Stevie and Mike. They've known each other since the 's collaborations with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers where they achieved success with a few high rotation videos on MTV.

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Set in the key of D minor , the verse follows a twelve bar chord progression alternating between D minor 7 , A minor 7 , and G minor 7 , and the instrumentation consists of vocals , two guitars , bass guitar and drums. It is homophonic , the voice and lead guitar taking the lead roles.

The original recording by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac featured guitars that were slightly below standard pitch. For most performances, it is played in standard. The D minor triad from the 17 fret is played out on one guitar, and a slide guitar playing the same chord is faded in over the top. The song became one of Santana's staples and one of their biggest hits, with the single reaching number four on the Billboard Hot in January Abraxas reached number one on the charts and hit quadruple platinum in , partially thanks to "Black Magic Woman".

Black Magic Woman Lyrics

While the song follows the same general structure of Peter Green 's version, also set in common time, in D minor and using the same melody and lyrics, it is considerably different, with a slightly altered chord pattern Dm 7 — Am 7 —Dm 7 —Gm 7 —Dm 7 —Am 7 —Dm 7 , occasionally mixing between the Dorian and Aeolian modes, especially in the song's intro. Two verses of guitar solo follow the two sung verses, which are then succeeded by another verse, before moving into a modified version of the "Gypsy Queen" section from the beginning of the song to end the piece.

There is also a single edit that runs for On some radio versions, the piano solo is omitted, and "Gypsy Queen" is sometimes omitted. Other longer versions have since been released, including one which runs for From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Fleetwood Mac - Black Magic Woman: The Best Of Fleetwood Mac (CD, Compilation) | Discogs

For the compilation album, see Black Magic Woman album. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. I danced along to so many of their songs and truly felt blessed to be there. Mick ended the concert with a simple message of kindness and compassion, telling the audience to take care of themselves and be kind to one another.

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  • The whole show was not only beautiful but also wondrous and dreamlike — from the moment the whole band started to the end, there was not one moment of lull. Some of their songs have such powerful lyrics, but seeing them live gave a whole new dynamism to the music.

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    The ethereal and magical energy that the band emitted throughout the concert stuck with me for the whole night. I gained a newfound appreciation for Fleetwood Mac and would certainly see them again if given the opportunity.

    The Majorleans - Black Magic Woman (Santana / Fleetwood Mac cover)

    You forgot someone……What about the out of this world guitar player Mike Campbell from the Heartbreakers? Sunday , November 3 , January 24, at am by Melody Pezeshkian. Courtesy of The Guardian.

    Peter Green - Black Magic Woman (Guitar Lesson)

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